Susan Fisher



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What a job!


Helping people market, sell and tell the world about the technology they create... working with companies leaping ahead, growing with the household names and the start ups that started it all.

For over 20 years I’ve been working with leaders at global tech innovation companies.  Israel is the place to do it but I’ve worked in 5 continents with companies such as HP, Cisco and Intel. 

I have run an executive training company and been involved in a strategic design and branding consultancy.

My work has many professional names: strategy development, corporate level messaging workshops ,team facilitation,  leadership coaching are just a few.


Hundreds of workshops, thousands of people, I've worked with the best and the brightest in tech but I believe that anyone can communicate better and I love to see people, products and companies growing.


It's people saying that working with me has changed more than their communication, 

which is why I do it.


I have been the co-chair of Digital Eve Israel - Israel's largest professional women's networking organisation - since 2006 and am active in the London Business School Alumni Association.

I have more time now for pro bono work with nonprofits where I am learning all the time.

That feels just right.