• Susan Fisher


Updated: Mar 14, 2021

I heard this week of a company who had put 30% of their people on unpaid leave who announced they were giving new bonuses for its top salespeople who still have jobs.

How's that for timing? How do those sitting at home waiting to go back to work feel when they hear about that ?

While it may be justifiable perhaps on a traditional decision making basis - the annual review & the need to incentivise good sales people - it is emotionally insensitive to say the least. What does that say about the value system of the leaders of that company?

We can thank Gartner - famous for it Magic Quadrant - for another neat diagram that shows how you should be making decisions in these troubled times.

You need to think about not only the traditional factors of revenue, cost and risk but also what they call the crisis and social aspects in your decision making. It's hard to do - we have no experience of this sort of crisis in its type, scale and speed and you have to make trade offs between the factors traditional, crisis and social.

We all know that the traditional decision making which affects revenue, cost and risk are the basics. But unless you want to be seen as a practitioner of the "nature red in tooth and claw" brand of capitalism the human heart matters.

So how do you need to do business with people in this unusually hard time in human history? It is the fluffier stuff where leaders really have a chance to shine right now. Those decisions need to be made and communicated with heart.

It's about building trust and confidence in uncertain times. Both of those are going to be needed in spades when companies build their way back up.

The full Gartner article is here. https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/a-framework-for-executive-decision-making-during-covid-19/