• Susan Fisher

Time for Blue Skies

Blue days. Businesses are hurting. Revenue has taken a dive, there's been cost cutting and lay offs and the future is not rosy.

It is still far too early for most companies to pretend it is all over but looking forward need not just be looking for the silver lining on one of the biggest clouds ever to threaten the business horizon.

One of things I've heard that people find most demotivating is the round robin at the weekly team meeting - often with some of the team on Zoom - where everyone talks about the sickly order book.

How about some Blue Sky thinking instead? New things, different things, different ways of doing things, different products and services, a different outlook. Blue sky thinking means brainstorming to come up with new ideas.

These are things you never usually have time to talk about so now is a good time.

But how do you get people thinking creatively. Here are some of the questions that I like to use to get people started in workshops.

1.What are the Top 10 things your clients would ask if you put yourself in their place?

2.What stories do you want to be telling in a year's time ?

3. How would you know if the change you need to make actually were made?

The usual rules for brainstorming apply - all ideas are acceptable, no criticism at the inital stage and good recording. There is more than a silver lining to be gained.