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How to tell a story

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

This is your 5 point cheat sheet to crafting and telling the best workplace stories.

  1. Start with a time. "It was a rainy Tuesday last month .......That gives you your beginning. Now add a middle, and end.

  2. .Next up is a person and her challenge, Describe the place, and emotions. " I was sitting in the office, tired and hungry at 8pm feeling defeated. There was so much to do."

  3. A good story always has ups and downs, so “arc” the story. Pull people along, and introduce tension,." The problem was that our customer just couldn't give us access to the data. "

  4. Intensify the story with vivid language and intonation. Tap into people’s emotions with language.

  5. Use direct speech ( what people actually said ) rather then indirect speech. " My manager said " You will never manage that by the deadline." not my manager told me the deadline was impossible.

And don't forget to practice out loud . You're sounding good.


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