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Learn like a pro

It may be a folly but for many years I had dreamt of being a Chorus Girl.  Not just any old chorus girl, but one of the cast in the excellent Gilbert and Sullivan shows put on by Encore ! Educational Theater company in Jerusalem. And in that dream it would be The Mikado which they were putting on at the end of December 2017.

As Yum Yum says so poignantly above "Could this be vanity ? "

Roxane Goodkin Levy – old friend and stage designer with lots to be vain about – had some advice for me. Have a few voice development lessons before you audition.

After a whole career in the role of consultant and coach there is nothing like being on the receiving side to learn how to do it better. And I am not talking about voice. Here’s what I learned all over again.

Theory is important but you have to just do it. You never know your musical range - or any other - till you try.

You have to keep at it. I felt the change after a number of sessions. The fourth, the fifth………

There are tips and tricks for you alone that only an experienced expert knows.  That’s why one-on-one learning is so valuable. The great Jeanne Rabin - knows more than many.

 You have to do your homework – even if it’s 5 minutes at the last minute. Preparation is what it’s called in organisations.

In communication everything is connected. I had a million insights into how I can help my clients better in the middle of scales warmups and lying flat on my back doing breathing exercises.

And beginnings and endings are paramount.

So here’s The End. I went in knowing that “Failure is OK” - it is the learning that is important. In the event I auditioned ( scared but prepared) for The Mikado feeling that I now know more about my singing. That is priceless.

But for those who prefer a more traditional happy ending ..... I got in and was proud to be one of the cast of Encore Educational Theater’s excellent production of The Mikado.

I think there may be a lesson there about dreams too.


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