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Remote manager? Keep 'Em close!

So you're managing your team remotely. It's not the same as having them all there, so here are some tips based on the work I've done with great remote managers and their virtual teams.

Know your team 3 Deep: Place: Personality: Preference

This is great advice for more routine days but even more important at the moment.

Place is where they are - not just where their home is but also what is going on in their lives at the moment. Preference means how they like to manage their work schedule, communicate, deal with issues.

Act as you would if they were near.

We have all become too addicted to Slack, Whatsapp, Messenger and the rest. Speak to them each at least once a week.

Increase your visibility – show rather than just talk

This means running good online meetings including presenting short, clear visuals. Here are some tips on meetings..

Remember the 1:2:3 rule FACT: FIX: FRIEND

This is if you need to discuss a tricky issue or conflict.

As a a guideline, for every fact you talk about, speak twice as much about the fix and three times as much about the relationship.


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