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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

All startups dream of being scaleups.

The inflection point is often when a company grows past 30 people.

That’s when you go from being a family to a company and there are growing pains. One of the first places this is felt is within Sales Teams.

Think of it like this. Less than 30 people in a company are still a family. They’re probably working in a small office in one location with a couple of Sales Directors in the US & Europe ( “older relations abroad”).

But when you grow past 30 people you become a company.

Typically that’s when Sales starts growing : SDRs, Account Managers, and Regional Sales folks from around the world come on board but so do a number of issues:

The issues for sales teams when a company grows from startup to scaleup
Startup to Scaleup. From Family to Company

That’s when you have to actively think about what and how your Sales people are communicating and how they are working with each other. Here are some ideas:

1. Hold Sales Meetings more than once a year.

2. Set up virtual sales teams from the get go.

3. Set up Mentor-Mentee arrangements across locations.


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