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can tech superstars shine brighter

Updated: May 25, 2021

With much of tech experiencing sonic growth your leadership team really needs to step up to the plate and talk to customers and investors.

Founders, C level or new VPs may be tech superstars but they also need to sound confident or knowledgable talking about how they are growing the company and building on the people in your organisation. They also need to make all the switches need to work internationally - language and cultural.

Consider these typical scenarios:

You're on an investor road show where they want to see you are building a strong culture.

You're in a long Tier 1 enterprise sales process and you want to show the CIO and his team that customer success is not just a slogan.

You're trying to convince your Board to invest in an ambitious plan to expand the headcount to open offices abroad.

In all of this people want to see and hear your approach to people and leadership - how you run the company and how you communicate to inspire, motivate and support your people.

We all know that change is a constant in technology. But there has also been change in the ways we work together - even before Corona. It is all about how you get things done. That means communicating with impact while balancing your feelings, results, and relationships.

Many tech stars have never really thought about their leadership communication style. They just do what they do on the basis of intuitive common sense or maybe some army leadership training.

Some have blind spots that can hold back their careers. They struggle with the customer facing side at the go-to-market stage. Others may be too forceful and don’t realize that they appear that way.

One thing is certain. They are all busy. They have no time at all for long courses or to be away from their day to day work.

In my experience Coaching at its best for these sorts of people is based on the tasks on their desks. You can see results in less than 5 sessions.

The aim is to make sure that these superstars have the tools to have impact across the organisation and outside it from the get go.


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