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give a talk Not a pitch

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

You are speaking at a tech conference.

 “ It's a talk. Please don’t do a pitch.” say the organizers. 

Pitching is probably your life if you work in a growing tech company. 

So how do you prepare a talk that reflects  the knowledge and experience you have  without sounding like you are selling.

Here is the ABC’s so your talk is on pitch.

A is for Approach

Explain your approach or technology but make sure you cover the whole field  – not just what  your company is up to.

Let them feel that you respect other approaches to technologies, development and markets.

B is for Balance.

Get it right. 

The old 90:10 rule for content posting is useful here. Talk about yourself only !0% of the time.

If you are giving 3 case studies make only one of them about you.

Bring lots of facts, insights and statistics from independent sources not just your own thoughts.

C is for Competitors 

Mention competitors’ names at least in passing. We all know they are there so this is a a real chance to show objectivity.

Talking about the competition is also a good springboard to talk about what differentiates you so in the end you win.  

D is for Disclosure

Fair Disclosure is only fair. 

Tell them when you are talking about your company, products or interest.

Say the words: e.g "Fair Disclosure: This case study is about one of our clients."

If you flag your own self-interest people can relax knowing you are not just using the platform to sell .

It’s always impressive when you see someone get this balancing act right with authenticity and flair.

When you do, you come across not only as a subject matter expert but more importantly a fair, knowledgable straight shooter.

Just the sort of person anyone would want to do  business with.


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