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A beautiful Beginning

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

My challenge right now is to write the best opening I can to get you to read on.....

Still there ? So lets get started talking about beginnings in Presentations.

Beginnings matter because they are a time when you can have most impact.

It's just the way we are built.

Here's a formula for a great beginning.

· A Grabber - a story, fact, joke, statistic that just grabs the audience

· Connect with the audience – Courtesy & Compliment in many cultures

· Who you are - this tells the audience why they should be listening to you

· The audience’s benefit ( So that the audience knows What's In It for Me = WIIFM)

· Your main message

· Housekeeping : Timing (When you are going to stop!) When you will take Questions,

Which order you choose for these depends who your audience is, but most Western audiences appreciate the Grabber first.

A great beginning is a wonderful thing to behold. It should be crafted and rehearsed and the first 90 seconds should be memorised.

Make a good start great !


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