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pitch not push

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

You’re pitching your company or services to customers.

You don’t have very long to make your mark.

Too many people say it this way.

• Give me business.

• Give me business now.

• Give me business because I am more responsive.

• Give me business while I pretend that I’m doing you a favour for giving me your business.

• Give me business because I am better than the others.

None of these will make anyone give you the business you want. Instead you need to talk about:

  • What problems you solve or

  • How you can help

  • How you do it

  • Why it has value

  • What clients say about you

I first heard this from Deb Knupp of Akina some years ago. She was talking about lawyers but it could apply to lots of tech people too.

The problem is that the first ( wrong ) way is focused on you – where the focus should be on them.

I’m happy to use that second list whenever I’m helping clients out with their pitches. It works every time.


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