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the 3 p's of tech sales

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Good old-fashioned selling is out of fashion. More than that.

Selling is almost as off trend as a pair of 1990's Nikes

Ask yourself - or anyone - this simple question. Do you like being sold to? Bet your bottom dollar that the answer is "no".

And so Inside Sales, Technical Sales and Sales Executives in a tech company should rewrite the Sales Playbook to make sure that in every situation you ask yourself 3 very simple questions which are the 3 Ps: Pain, Purpose & People.

1. What is on your customer's mind? PAINS

2. What do you want to do ( in the Sales Cycle)?  PURPOSE

3. What do you want them to think and feel  about you ? PEOPLE

That way every thought, plan and conversation will be focused around the customer and then the selling has a good chance of taking care of itself.


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