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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Listen up ! This is an order from the US Army.

Bottom Line Up Front.

Here's an example.

Bottom Line Up Front means that the most important message in pitches, presentations, sales talks, lectures or anything else you can speak of has to come first.

See? I told you up front what the bottom line of this blogpost is.

People often do the opposite though - leave their bottom line to the end or stick is somewhere in the middle.

Last week I was working with an enterprise software vendor preparing for a B round.

He will be talking to serious investors.

He wanted to start like this:

The company provides Productivity, System and Information Architecture and Data Integration Software to enterprise.

But going for the bluf what he will be saying is:

This is a great early stage investment opportunity very large Enterprise software market globally.

Because, for them ( and us ) that's the bottom line.


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